home made gifts






a blue garden for my sweet and caring friend Melanie! :-)

I will always remember you - rest in peace ...








download here (tanning beds require Superstar)

download here EP-free version of both tanning beds






a birthday gift for VivanLee - and at the same time a big "thank you"

for her tireless courtesy and kindness!


download here




a peacock set for Nyxie - I love her site and her fresh creations!


download at Nyx's Stuff






a little soulsoother for my friend Ludi ... cheer up my dear!


find it at Sims of the World





Chik will wear black until they make something darker ... so I send her

to a birthday trip to Dark Venice :-)


find the Dark Venice set on Siren Shadows Sims






A birthday gift for skjcw - I wish you a wild and happy new year of your life!


download the set here





I love Kat's lots - I could look for hours at her fantastic landscapes!

So I thought some birthday flowers would be a good choice :-)


download the hanging plants here





I learned a lot about Denise's favorite series while doing this gift for her.

Happy Birthday my dear friend!


download Dr Who and company here





Susan, I keep hoping that this vehicle will bring you some day safely to Germany :-)

Find the Rosa-Mobile at Madame Rosa's Yahoo Group





a birthday gift for my friend Ludi


download at Sims of the World





download here


I'm an animal rights activist and my friend Viper is a passionate hunter.

We've found a way out of the dilemma - the buck is not dead, he is just taking

a nap after all he has been chasing the does's around *lol



a "thank you" gift for Dee, one of the kindest ladies that I met during my

Simming years. So far she must have sent terrabytes of files to me :-)


download the gothic carriage at Purrfectly Simlicious





a hobbit doll house for a hobbitwife :-)

download here